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Articles, interviews, and more featuring F. D. Lee


Fantasycon Panel. F. D. Lee (Moderator) Tiffani Angus, Pauline Kirk. 2021.

The future, the past, the present. We’re all travelling through time. Can events be changed if we went back? Who would remember? What if you meet yourself? All of these questions and more are ones a writer has to think about if they are using time in different ways in their stories.

Reading for the Super Relaxed Fantasy Club, June 2020

The SRFC is a volunteer-run group of book-loving folk who meet monthly to discuss Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror and all genres in between. We hope to bring you author readings, and Q&As with publishing professionals.


I was given the opportunity to give a mini-presentation at TEDx Aarhus. With just two hours to prepare, I delivered this short talk to 800 people. The theme of the conference was 'Into The Wild'... this is what I said about the power of 'wild stories'!



Bob The Alien Interview. Author Interview, March 2022.

In which F. D. Lee is interviewed by an Alien about books, underdogs, SF and Fantasy, and Nessie!

Dumpy Little Unicorn. Podcast Interview, April 2019.

Podcast with Jane, aka Dumpy Little Unicorn, at Worldcon 2019 in Dublin. Here Faith and Jane chat about books, stalking our favourite authors, and She-Ra.

Time for Cakes and Ale. Podcast Interview, April 2019.

F. D. Lee is in very illustrious company in this Ytterbium (aka Eastercon 2019) episode from Time for Cake and Ale! Listen to Faith and other authors talk about all the fun that can be had at conventions!

Too Full To Write. Author Interview, September 2016.

In which F. D. Lee is interviewed by author and poet David Ellis.

The Fantastic Other Magazine. Author Interview, August 2021.

In this exclusive interview, we asked Lee about her background, her relationship with her work and her characters, and advice she could offer burgeoning writers. She replied with fantastic and nuanced answers

BSFA Interview. Andrew Wallace, November 2018.

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