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"I had high hopes for In the Slip. I wasn’t disappointed. The world-building is detailed and imaginative; the characters have depth; the plot twists and turns, but never loses focus. This is a novel that engages your brain, your gut, and your heart."


Winner Best SF Novel 2020 - Writer's Digest

Long-listed Best SF Novel 2020 - BSFA

Kong has been working as a Trans-Temporal Copyright Protection officer since he was fifteen years old, jumping through time to arrest people threatening the status quo. And he's good at his job, the best. He's pretty certain he'll spend the rest of his life working cases, leastways until a bullet gets him or the time pressure finally crushes him. Or he might just medicate himself to death; that's always an option.

The problem is, Kong doesn't believe in it anymore, whatever 'it' is. See enough of the past and you realise people keep making the same mistakes, again and again. It's not really so surprising he's lost hope. Then something happens that changes the course of Kong's life forever: his murder. 

As Kong unravels the mystery of his death, he discovers a plot that threatens not only the world but everything he understands to be true. Now Kong must decide if he can play the hero and save humanity. 

And he needs to decide quickly because, for once, time is running out...

Available in e-book and paperback formats.

"F D Lee effortlessly blends the DNA of time travel and cyberpunk to create a twisty and original beast of a thriller."

Andrew Wallace, 2019 Clarke Award judge.

"A potent blend of traditional concepts with a twist and modern delivery."

Ian Whates, Amazon UK #1 best-seller of 'Pelquin's Comet', NewCon Press

Bestselling author F. D. Lee brings you a fast-paced, modern thriller set against the backdrop of a post-environmental collapse planet. In The Slip introduces Kong, a re-imagining of the traditional noir detective and an instant classic of the genre, as he attempts to win back the man he loves and, if possible, save the world.

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