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"Brilliant chapter in The Pathways Tree series! The character arcs are very well defined now and the political climates of both lands are fascinating to follow. At heart this is still the story of Bea and all the lives she's touched across Mirrors and societal mores. I loved this and the whole series so much. Can't wait for more!"


The last surviving city of the fae is about to fall, and only one person can save it.

The Mirrors are decimated. Travel to and from the human world is at a standstill. Ænathlin teeters on the brink of destruction. It falls to Julia, the Head of the dreaded Redaction Department, to stand between order and chaos.

As the baking heat of summer dries Ænathlin to a crisp, a cascade—an irreversible collapse—is predicted to occur before year's end. Food and supplies are running out, and support for the anti-fairy group Ænathlin Again is growing. With no idea how to stop what appears to be an inevitable civil war, the General Administration is in disarray, too long without a leader.

Luckily, Julia has a plan and the courage required to act on it. Whatever it takes, she will rescue the city from itself. And the mortal gods help anyone who stands in her way...


Available in e-book, paperback, and audiobook format

"It kicks off at break-neck speed and barely slows down.
For lovers of this series, don't hesitate."

Award-winning author F. D. Lee weaves together politics, power, and propaganda in this exciting instalment of the bestselling fantasy series, The Pathways Tree.

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