The Academy

The Academy was rated 'Outstanding' in the 5th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook Awards (2017) for Plot and Story Appeal; Character Development; and Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar.

Apparently, school is supposed to be the best time of your life. Obviously, whoever believes that has never tried to rescue a ghost and study for mid-terms. 

Bea’s back! But life at the Academy isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Being the only fairy is bad enough, but then the rumours of a ghost spread, setting everybody on edge. And when people are afraid, it’s never a good time to be the odd one out. 

So Bea is determined to keep her head down and not, absolutely not, draw attention to herself. That is, until she comes face to face with the so-called ghost. Bea realises that things at the Academy are a lot more complicated than they first appear - and that's before an unwelcome face turns up begging a favour...

Exactly how far will Bea go to do the right thing - and is she prepared to finally meet the fearsome, three-headed Beast to do it?

The Academy is the second novel in the ongoing fantasy series The Pathways Tree. Heartfelt, spooky and with more than a little mystery, The Academy will have you turning the pages to find out what happens next! It sees the return of fan favourites Bea, Melly, and Joan, and introduces you to a host of new characters you'll fall in love with!

"I literally couldn’t put it down, fantastic!"

"This sequel is beautifully written, witty, dark, funny and remarkably complex ... Just read it - you won’t be disappointed.”

The Academy was rated 'Outstanding' in the 5th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook Awards (2017) for Plot and Story Appeal; Character Development; and Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar.

This book is every bit as good as it’s predecessor. It remains funny, in fact the humour is reminiscent of Terry Pratchett. In fact, like Pratchett, this book encapsulates all I love about Fantasy Fiction: It tackles difficult themes in a way that contemporary fiction isn’t always able to do.

Bea remains a strong character and is driven by a need to do what’s right, although she has an element of vulnerability in this book. We also get to find out more about the background of other characters such as Mistasinon and Melly.
— Kelly, The Bookeaters
It’s not always easy to find a sequel that lives up to the promise of a good first book, but with The Academy, F.D. Lee has surpassed herself. Reuniting the reader with some of the brilliant characters from The Fairy’s Tale, whilst introducing some wonderful new ones (shout out to Hemmings!), this sequel is beautifully written, witty, dark, funny and remarkably complex - part fantasy, part mystery, part psychological thriller, part black comedy and part an intelligent study of trauma and mental illness. If you’re thinking that sounds like a lot to fit into one book, you’d be right, but Lee not only makes it work, she pulls it off spectacularly. Just read it - you won’t be disappointed.
— Reader review, Amazon
Book two, following on from The Fairy’s Tale - which I also really enjoyed. As with the previous novel, the author takes stock fairy tale characters and pulls them out of their element into what is best described as a kind of darkly comedic psychological thriller set in a fantasy landscape. Honestly, I think anyone who enjoys any of those genres would get a kick out of this book - and although it helps to have read the first one, you don’t need to have done so to enjoy this story.
— Reader review, Amazon
Wow! what a follow up to ‘The Fairy’s Tale’ – The intricate storyline was captivating from start to finish. Very intriguing to see the development of the original characters and loved being introduced to new and fascinating characters. I literally couldn’t put it down, fantastic!
One of my favourite sentences – ‘Hidden behind the storm, the moon sat in a black sky, lonely in her singularity, surrounded by stars that could never understand her’ - pure genius! Thanks F.D.Lee and next one please!!!
— Reader Review, Amazon