The Fairy's Tale

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The Fairy's Tale was rated 'Outstanding' in the 24th Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards (2016) for Plot and Story Appeal; Character Appeal and Development; and Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar.

For what is stupidity or arrogance when compared against a crown? The good will win and the wicked perish, and you and your stories decide what makes a person good or wicked. Not life. Not choice. Not even common sense. You.
— Seven, The Fairy's Tale

Buy now in paperback or e-book!

Buy now in paperback or e-book!


Whoever said fairy tales were easy has never been a wannabe fairy godmother. The truth is, making dreams come true can be a total nightmare.

Bea is a lowly cabbage fairy, but she dreams of being an official Fairy Godmother. So when Bea is finally given a chance to prove her worth she is determined to make a success of it. Besides, how hard can a Happy Ever After story be? Every girl wants to be rescued by a handsome man, don’t they?

Apparently not.

Bea's heroine doesn't want to be in her story, and her hero is much more interested in the ugly sister. The same ugly sister who is trying to overthrow the Kingdom.

Suddenly, Bea must confront the fact that her characters are as real as she is - and just like her, they are determined to go their own way. The problem is, if Bea fails to finish the story, she faces a fate much worse than being put to sleep for a hundred years. 

Now Bea must figure out what Happy Ever After really means - and whose Happy Every After she's prepared to fight for...

“I never thought I would say this but thank you F. D. Lee for the lack of sleep!”

The Fairy's Tale is the first novel in The Pathways Tree series, the new fantasy series being compared to Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. With surprising plot twists and compelling characters, The Fairy’s Tale is a whirlwind adventure into the sinister world behind classic folk tales and myths. If you love genuine characters and a story you can talk about after you've finished reading, then The Fairy’s Tale is for you!


I really enjoyed this book. It is clever and funny, genuinely making me laugh out loud on more than one occasion. But it has darker elements too. […] It tackles the subject of free will both for the fae in their totalitarian state and the humans who are forced to live plots that might not be truly what they want in life. Life isn’t a fairy tale, and not everyone has the same idea about what makes a happy ever after
— Kelly, The Bookeaters
The world is Neil Gaiman, jokes are Terry Pratchett, and the politics are George Orwell, all originally made and sewn together by a brilliant wordsmith and storyteller who would please any fans of such authors.
— Miranda Kane, Comedian
This is a complex, often dark but still comedic world. It manages to avoid both post-modern tweeness and intellectual abstraction with its earthy characters and FD Lee’s humour
— Andrew Wallace, Author
I loved this book. It reminded me greatly of the works of Jasper Fforde, who writes the mysteries set in the world of fairy tales and who often takes the common tropes of that genre and stands them on their ears. You did something very similar here to very good effect. I was impressed with the way that you handled the slow reveal (and really the theme of the book) in questioning the entire concept of happily ever after. I read most of the book in a single sitting. I wanted to see what happened to the characters.
— Judge, 24th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards
Brilliantly written, funny, clever book!
— Paul Arvidson, author