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Upcoming events

I will be returning to Hillingdon Literary Festival in Autumn 2018. More details to come.


BSFA & Science fiction foundation Mini convention

Saturday, 23rd of June 2018. Panel (panelist): The Future of Fandom. Discussion on the future of fandom, looking at digital technologies, Netflix and new fan engagement models, such as YouTube. 

S.M.A.S.H. A Comic, Graphic and Novel Talkfest!

Saturday, 20th of January, 2018. Panel (moderator): Taking Comics Further. What was your first approach to comics after initially within another discipline? What are the common threads of craft between your own creative discipline and comics? How do you think comics can elevate the disciplines you work in or vice-versa? Do you think you can reach wider audiences by applying comics to your creative discipline?

hillingdon literary festival: WORKSHOP

Sunday, 8th of October, 2017. How (And How Not To) Self-Publish A Novel - Updated! I will be once again offering a workshop on the pinnacles and pitfalls of self-publishing, with update information and advice. This interactive workshop is designed to be practical and friendly, and questions are welcomed.


30th September, 2017. As part of TEDx Aarhus, I was dared to deliver a three minute TED talk on a subject of my choosing, with only two hours to write, prepare, and practice. Delivered to 800 TEDx audience members, I spoke about 'wild stories', and why fiction matters.

London Super Comic Con: PANEL

Saturday, 26th of August, 2017. Talking on a panel with comic book writers and artists on the subject on identity in fiction and comics, representation, and why these things matter. 

BSFA: INterview guest

26th of July, 2017. In which I am interviewed by Andrew Wallace, author, on the nature of fantasy writing, creating the normal, and the power of fiction. Buffy, Star Trek, and Doctor Who also make an appearance!


22nd April, 2017. I am interviewing Andrew Wallace, author of the hard SF series Diamond Roads, and also television and radio playwright. In this interview discuss female characters in SF, world building, and the nature of science fiction.


14th-16th of April 2017. I will be offering a workshop on self-publishing, as well as giving a talk on the legitimacy and creativity of fan fiction (spoilers: I believe it has both!). I will also be doing readings from my novels, The Fairy's Tale and The Academy. I will be signing and selling books in the dealer's room.

North london literary fest: workshop

Thursday, 16th of March, 2017. I will be giving an hour long workshop on how and how not to self-publish a novel, and taking questions.


119th-20th November, 2016. I will be speaking on a panel about world building in fantasy and SF, as well as selling and signing books in the dealer's room.

hillingdon literary festival: workshop

7th-9th of October, 2016. I will be offering an interactive workshop entitled 'How (And How Not To) Self-Publish A Novel'. This will be a practical and informative workshop, looking at the various aspects on self-publication.

too full to write: author interview

26th of September, 2016. I am interviewed by David Ellis on variety of interesting subjects, including where I got my inspiration from, how to deal with writer's block, and who I would dream cast in a film adaption of my novels!