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One of the biggest events in In The Slip is the Fracture.

I chose not to go into huge amounts of exposition within the novel as I feel these things can slow down the pace or become overwhelming, jolting the reader out of the world. As such, I went down the route of seeding pieces of information as-and-when I thought it was natural for Kong or the others to talk about it.

This is always a bit of a gamble! For them, the Fracture happened. It is part of their history. So they are unlikely to turn around to each other as say ‘Well, as you know, the Fracture began in the late 21st century when…’ But for readers, it’s something wholly new.

Well, I hope I got the balance right!

The truth is, the Fracture - the point when the damage we are doing to the planet becomes so vast and devastating that there is no coming back from it - hasn’t happened. I hope it doesn’t. But in order to set Kong, Jose, Lois, Karen and the rest in a world post-Fracture, I had to do a lot of research to find out how we might end up there, and what it might like look like when we do.

Naturally, for fiction, I had the benefit of being able to pick and choose the information that suited the story and then shake it all up for PLOT, but I have tried to base as much as I can on research, current understandings, and predictions. Below are links to some of the research I used to inspire the lead up to the Fracture and the world after it, or things which Kong makes reference to when he’s talking about the sceevers in the slip.


AMS100 Journal: Water, drought, climate change, and conflict in Syria.

The Atlantic: Trump withdraws from the Paris Agreement.

The Sun: Rescue boats? I’d use gunships to stop migrants (links to a PDF to avoid sending traffic to the original article).

European Parliament Report: The concept of ‘climate refugee’: towards a possible definition. (Specifically, ‘How climate change contributes to the refugee problem’).

UNHRC: Climate change and disaster displacement.

Video: Great Thunberg’s full speech to EU Parliament (YouTube).

Gay Times: Here are 11 countries where being gay is punishable by death.

Amnesty International: LGBTI rights.

ABC: Police killings hit people of color hardest.