Fantasticon Lit Fest

Delighted to announce I will be at Fantasticon Lit Fest, which is part of the larger Fantasticon convention, in November (19-20th).

The literary festival element will feature author stalls (of which I will have one), talks and panel discussions. It will also feature exclusive book launches from:

  • Kate Russell (her new YA fantasy novel, 'The Bookkeeper's Guide to Practical Sorcery') 
  • Drew Wagar ('Shadeward: Exoneration', the second book in his fantastic Shadeward Saga)
  • Stuart Aken (an amazing tale of Martian settlement, 'Living in the Blood Red Dust', the first of the 'Generation Mars' series)
  • Alex Janaway (epic fantasy 'End of Empire' including a teaser from book two 'Empire at War')
  • and more…

The main Fantasticon convention also has a lot of exciting things going on, which you can read about here.

Tickets can be bought here.